Ask yourself the following six questions. If you respond “yes” to any of them, call humanfusion.

1. Do you want to reduce turnover and employee retention costs?

Studies show the average company spends $14,000 per new employee on inefficient hiring, processing and training. We can help a small company with 100 employees and 18% turnover save an average of $252,000 per year! With the Winslow Reports, minimize hiring guesswork and risk – feel more confident about your employee choices.

2. Do you want to minimize your legal exposure?

Of all companies who downsized in the 1990’s, 50% were sued for wrongful termination.  Settlements ranged from $10,000 to $100,000. (Robert Half Intl.) Adding the Winslow Reports to your hiring decisions can help you avoid lawsuits from unhappy, mis-hired, or misplaced people.

3. Do you have too many employees who turn out to be different than their resume led you to believe?

The Winslow Reports are more impartial than resumes, more revealing than interviews, more reliable than references. The U.S. Department of Labor reveals that 90% of all resumes contain falsehoods.  The Winslow Reports offer you an objective way to cut through subjective hiring data.

4. Do you have any salesmen who can’t sell – or managers who can’t manage?

Only the Winslow Reports allow you to compare the results of each of your current or prospective employees with the data from hundreds of thousands of other subjects and against specifically benchmarked career classifications. You’ll know instantly if that salesperson with the great resume is going to sell for you.

5. Do you require one powerful solution that serves many employee decisions?

Use one tool to assess, screen, select, hire, train, manage and develop. Use the same Winslow results for performance reviews, promotions, restructuring, downsizing, or mergers. Can that successful technician become a successful manager? Only Winslowremoves the guesswork.

6. Do you have employees falsifying information – even on your current assessment?

The Winslow Reports remains the first and only assessment system that includes controls to detect those applicants who intentionally falsify or unintentionally exaggerate their test responses to impress you.  Why use data you can’t count on? Winslow delivers.